The Gaia Rose Collective: Eden & Amity

Introducing Eden and Amity Owner & sidekick at The Gaia Rose Collective.

Tell us about you.

My name is Eden, I’m an animal lover, alternative music enthusiast, and a motorcycle rider. I’m the brains behind a small handmade business called The Gaia Rose Collective, which I run from home in Central Queensland, with my 6 month old daughter Amity as my side kick. I started The Gaia Rose Collective when I was about 8 months pregnant, selling a coffee scrub I made from scratch to keep stretch marks on my tummy at bay. From there I’ve branched further into natural, handmade scrubs, bath soaks, candles, and other self care products. I’m now currently working on a lingerie line for my other business, Gaia Rose the Label.

Life is busy! How do you do you?

It gets pretty hectic sometimes! My fiancé works a 7&7 roster, so on his week at home he helps as best he can by looking after Amity, but when he’s at work, she and I have settled into a pretty successful routine. We tend to get up super early, take care of our morning routine with ourselves, all of our fur babies, (we have two horses, a pony, three dogs & 4 cats) and then settle in for several hours of working on orders. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas so I’ll be testing out new scrubs or soaks, or new scents for candles and melts. My house always smells amazing because of it which is awesome! Of course, some days are better than others, Amity always comes first, so if she’s upset or being fussy we aren’t always running to schedule, but it is what it is. I also tend to always leave my afternoons free for us to just relax a bit... because everyone needs some downtime!

What made you want to start your business while having a newborn at home?

As I mentioned before, I started the business side of things when I was about 8 months pregnant. I’ve been making scrubs and candles for myself and friends since I was in my teens, and have always had a full time job so I never really had the time to commit to a business. However once I began my maternity leave, I figured, why not give it a go? The worst that happens is it doesn’t work out. And it’s been steadily growing since then. Once bub was born, i had to adjust to having my little human at home with me, and of course putting her needs above anything else, but we’ve managed to get our routine together and fit the business into our lives. It hasn’t been particularly easy, I make a lot of my products specifically to order, and trying to get it all done whilst juggling a baby, breast feeding and all our fur babies has definitely had its challenges, but we’re doing okay so far. Sometimes I just have to remember to breathe and remind myself that I’m only human, but it’s honestly so great to have something to drive me, something to work on and build up that isn’t just changing nappies. So that pushes me to keep juggling everything to make it all work.

What support networks, groups, or resources have you found that have helped you in your business journey?

I’ve joined a few online groups on Facebook for both parenting and the business side of things. One in particular I really like is the Gold Coast Girls in Business group. Especially right now due to COVID, I’ve found that everyone in there seem to be really helping one another with handy tips, collaborations, exposure etc. I spend a lot of my time on the Gold Coast so it’s great to have connections with business owners down there for collabs, product photo shoots and just all round support. I’ve also got friends who own their own small businesses who have offered amazing support and tips on having your own business which has been amazing, as well as close friends who have been able to help me with the marketing side of things which I honestly had no clue about before.

What are your top 3 tips to anyone wanting to start a new business?

- Have a target market, and research that target market thoroughly. What are they looking for in a product or a business to support? What can you offer that hasn’t been done before and still be YOU.

- Work on social media presence & marketing strategies! If you’re not great at marketing (like me) hire someone who is, because between a great marketing strategy & a big social media presence, you’re almost guaranteed to do well and boost your sales.

- Be passionate! If you’re not putting the effort in or really loving what it is you do, then you’re not going to get very far. You need to enjoy what it is you’re doing, remember this is supposed to be fun!

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