Ruhee: Onboarding Analyst

Introducing Ruhee Dixit, Onboarding Analyst for Wealth Services. Ruhee is a great example of the hustle done for working different roles that led her to find her dream role in the end.

Tell me a bit about you, your career & what gets you up in the morning to go to work.

Hi, I am Ruhee. I studied accounting at university and started my career working in a family business before joining Wealth Direct Services 5 years ago where I am now an Onboarding Analyst. I love animals, cooking and of course sitcoms and drama tv! What motivates me to go to work - is knowing that I have the opportunity to meet new people joining the workforce and am able to be a part of their journey as they grow in their careers.

Life is busy. How do you manage it?

  • Planning and Prioritizing are absolutely needed. Make time for this.

  • Write important things down! I have a weekly schedule with tasks that need to be completed and I mark off all the things once completed.

  • Always make sure to spend time with people you love and doing things you enjoy.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge working through COVID?

My initial challenge was having a great setup for working from home. When I first moved to working from home I knew I forgot half of my stuff in the office and didn’t have a proper set up.

It wasn’t until months of sitting at the dining table all day long and had started impacting my posture that I didn’t make a change.

It is really important to have a comfortable work setup and to make sure that you are looking after your health and well-being!

How did you know the job you’re doing was the right one for you?

As a team leader one of the many duties I had to complete was onboarding. I took over and managed all the team leader duties whenever a new group was being recruited and I enjoyed every part of it!

When I found out a new role was being created to tackle all the end to end processes for onboarding I knew it was my calling. From doing all the back end work to set up a new employee within the business to being the first person the new team members meet when they step in the door.

With all its challenges and opportunities - definitely enjoy every single part of it.

Who were your mentors, support networks, and what learning and development opportunities have you spent time doing?

My support network have been my fellow colleagues throughout my career.

From a team member —> team leader —> onboarding analyst.

I feel I grew most in my career when I became a team leader. There’s so many things you learn and so many different hats you have to wear as a team leader. I am so glad and thankful for ALL of the fellow leaders that were there when I first stepped up. As a new team leader I asked all the “silly”questions I needed to, to make sure I was on the right track and a team leader specifically, Aamy, was always my go to person!

In my current role - my support are my colleagues Julie and Jim. I am so glad that I have them two to work with, I go to them whenever I’m unsure, need to cross check something or to proof read my emails! Even though they are in Melbourne, I have a good team that supports each other. :)

It’s great to always have a great group of people who support you.

Any tips for women wanting to develop within the finance industry.

  • Don’t lose faith- it may take time as you make your way stepping up but in the end it will be all worth it and you will succeed.

  • Work with people who inspire you, people who believe in you but most of all believe in yourself. You got this!

  • Talk to as many people as you can. Make networks. Don’t be shy to put your hand up!

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